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We’re keenly aware that our operations have an impact on the communities in which we operate — after all, our investments create homes, which is why we believe in making that impact a positive one.


We’re proud to enrich the lives of our residents and those of their neighbours too, with programs and initiatives that help create sustainable communities, reduce environmental footprint, and hold us accountable to good governance.


We’re continually examining our practices to find ways we can reduce our environmental footprint, from our day-to-day processes to the capital improvements we make to our multi-residential assets: the homes of the community. We’ve reviewed everything from cleaning products to the amount of waste we divert from landfills, sourced water and energy-efficient fixtures and systems (including LED bulbs and low-flow showers) for our capital projects, and refined our waste management processes and recycling programs.


Ensuring our residents and employees live and work in healthy, safe environments has always been top of mind, but never as much until the Covid-19 pandemic. Our ESG practices now include diligent cleaning, support (through various assistance programs for residents and work-from-home options for employees), and agile policies that can respond to changing circumstances. We also continue to advocate for our residents, ensuring they can easily understand their local tenancy acts. And when social distancing allows, we continue to show support for our residents through appreciation events, or our community re-naming initiative, which invites them to participate in re-naming newly acquired buildings.


We put every investment through rigorous analysis, and we apply that same diligence to the governance of our organization. We’ve implemented policies to identify and manage conflicts of interest and we’ve created processes to assess and mitigate risk.

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