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We are Community Builders, in Multiple Ways

Making a difference for the people and communities we serve is part of our DNA. The long-term success of our business stems from the work we do to enhance the quality and sustainability of existing, affordable, rental housing in North America.

Incorporating ESG into Our Investment Strategy

Aligned with our Core Values, Avenue Living consistently evaluates and refines our Environmental, Social and Governance practices to ensure we add value to the places we do business while serving our customers, employees and investors. Our ESG efforts benefit our operations and those around us by focusing on proactive, transparent communication; prioritizing the well-being of people and the planet; and minimizing risk to stakeholders through robust policy building and solid governance practices.


We Take Action to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

We continue to advance sustainability across our businesses daily. From installing high-efficiency windows and replacing aging boilers, to improving on-site waste management and installing solar panels on self-storage facilities, we take action to reduce our carbon footprint and increase efficient energy usage for our customers.

With our signatory commitment to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, and landmark partnership with the Canada Infrastructure Bank to perform deep energy retrofits to nearly half of our multi-family portfolio, we demonstrate that it is possible to reduce greenhouse gases while improving Canada’s supply of quality, affordable rental homes.

We are Active Allies


A diverse, inclusive culture is foundational to our organization. From facilitating open communication and delivering diversity training to ensuring we are active allies to those whose voices should be amplified, our commitment to inclusivity is unbreakable.

Our investments also extend beyond hard assets, to the people and communities we work with. Thanks to the efforts of many across our organization, and some remarkable partnerships, we are pleased to support our teams through the process of Truth & Reconciliation and support many important causes.

Commitment to Transparency and Accountability


We are committed to operating with integrity, honesty, and transparency. Our leadership has implemented policies and procedures to promote transparency, accountability and compliance.  Each of our boards have diverse, independent members that oversee our business and operations.

Our Initiatives

Contact Our Investor Relations Team

If you are a financial advisor or institutional investor looking for information about how to invest with us, get in touch with our Investor Relations team. We are here to help.