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Our Top Three: The Most-Read Posts of 2020

For better or worse, 2020 will go down as one of the most memorable in modern history. So much has happened since January it perhaps feels like more than 12 months. At Avenue Living it’s been a year of milestones — reaching $2 billion AUM, making new inroads into the United States. We’ve also demonstrated how well our strategy serves us, displaying resiliency in truly trying economic times.

Here’s a recap of our most-read stories — if you missed them the first time, you can catch them now.

Avenue Living Expands to USA 

In September 2020, we announced our expansion into the U.S. with the launch of our U.S. Real Estate Trust. This marked a major milestone for the company, as we brought our top-down, strategic investment philosophy to promising new markets even as COVID-19 closed our shared border.

Consumer Prioritization of Needs during COVID-19 

As the pandemic threw our worlds into disarray, and our communities locked down, our collective priority became slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our white paper examines how consumer behaviour changes during times of crisis, when our most basic needs come to the forefront. Dr. Grant Wilson looked at the challenges faced by those who are renting and how landlords, tenants, and governments might all work together to ensure people have safe place to live.

Essential Workers, Workforce Housing, and Property Investing 

This white paper explores one of the drivers behind our success — our investment in properties that serve essential workers, a vital part of our economy. We explore how this segment of the population — and the class B and C assets that serve them — are an opportunity often overlooked by real estate investors.

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