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Mini Mall Storage Properties’ Pioneering History with Original Founder Joe Giuffre and Current CEO, Adam Villard

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our Mini Mall Storage Properties trust reached many significant milestones. During their first year of operations, they acquired 26 properties across Canada while amassing $100 million in assets under management (AUM). As we memorialize their recent successes, current Mini Mall CEO, Adam Villard, takes a trip down memory lane with the original founder and visionary of Mini Mall Self-Storage – Joe Giuffre, who turns 94 tomorrow.   

Joe Giuffre is an innovative entrepreneur and pioneer of the self-storage industry – even coining the phrase ‘self-storage’ in Canada. He opened Mini Mall Self-Storage Ltd. in 1977, which remained in operation for 43 years, before passing the torch to son and Avenue Living CEO, Anthony Giuffre, in 2020. Today, Mini Mall Storage Properties continues to build upon Joe’s legacy, industry knowledge, and experience to fulfill the need for self-storage across Canada. 

According to Joe, “Self-storage was the best use and value for these sites and still remains to this day.” 

Over the past year, their talented top-tier team carried on the successful venture thanks to the many learnings from Joe. As we reflect on the history of Mini Mall, we look forward to the exciting future as the trust continues to strategically drive innovative operations and consolidate the storage market across Canada. Thank you, Joe, for your guidance, resilience, and industry expertise — we’d also like to wish you a very happy 94th birthday. 

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