How a Resident-Centred Approach Has Differentiated Avenue Living

Resident-Centred Approach

A resident-centred approach is foundational to our property management philosophy and a key differentiator of our business model. Putting our residents’ needs at the heart of our acquisition, expansion, and service strategy has been key to our ongoing success. 
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Renters Have Stepped Up Efforts to Address the Housing Crisis — It’s Time for Property Managers to Do the Same

Customer Orientation Real Estate

At the heart of our business model lies a strong commitment to serving our customers. We’re keenly aware of market changes and take proactive steps to ensure we’re meeting the wants and needs of the workforce housing demographic. Our approach sets us apart from other asset managers in the industry and has allowed us to build lasting relationships with our residents.

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From Trust to Partnership: How Avenue Living Does Farmland Investment

A focus on partnership underpins our successful Canadian farmland investment strategy and has been key to fostering relationships with about 90 tenant-operators across Saskatchewan.

Avenue Living Agricultural Land Trust is now winding down with a fixed sunset date. In response to investor demand, the firm is looking to replicate that success through its new Tract Farmland Partners Limited Partnership.

“Our partnerships with farmers demonstrate our commitment to their success while establishing ourselves as a reliable buyer in the farming community,” says Leif Snethun, CEO of Tract Farmland Partners LP. “They’re business-minded and sophisticated, and I’m honored to be associated with them as they shape the future of Canadian agriculture.”

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We’re Focussing on Housing Affordability for Essential Workers: Avenue Living CEO

Building our strategic, stable, and defensible business requires extensive research and planning, as well as a clear understanding of our target demographic — workforce housing.
Avenue Living CEO, Anthony Giuffre, joined Jacqueline Hansen of The Close to discuss the 16 years of experience behind the organization’s growth from an Alberta-based business to a significant property owner-operator across the North American Heartland. He addresses affordability, their asset and market selection process, and the demand outlook.

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