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Investing with the future in mind: We consider every investment an investment for the future. Our investment philosophy is that we target long-term appreciation and cash flow in our asset allocations.

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    Institutional investors looking for information on how to invest with us, contact and our team will be happy to help.

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    If you’re a financial advisor looking for information on how to invest with us, contact and our team will be happy to help.

  • Individual Investors

    To make a personal investment, contact your investment advisor for guidance on how to add Avenue Living products to your portfolio.

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Platform and Strategy

It’s the basic tenet of how we approach every investment. We know the choices we make affect not just us, but our investors and all our stakeholders. We have carefully and methodically chosen opportunities and are building an infrastructure that has come to support everything we do. The strength of our platform lies in working with the right people, both in our own offices and other areas that help serve our investors and communities, delivering on the Avenue Living standard. Based in our Calgary, Alta. head office, Avenue Living Asset Management is a leading Canadian alternative asset manager with over $3.0 billion in assets under management and five alternative investment products. Avenue Living owns and operates all its assets, which support sectors essential to the everyday lives of Canadians — workforce housing, commercial real estate, farmland, and self-storage. A vertically integrated platform, access to capital, and operational expertise allow us to continue to grow based on fundamentals.

Investor Materials

Year In Review

It’s not a stretch to say the past year has been full of surprises. The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged us into uncharted waters, presenting a series of challenges that demanded innovation and responsiveness. For Avenue Living, 2020 was a year that demonstrated how the investments we had made in our business were about to pay off, in ways we had never quite imagined. Our investments in technology meant we were ready to transition to work from home wherever possible; it also meant we were able to implement changes, such as virtual viewings and online forms to keep prospective and current residents safe. Our commitment to health and safety protocols meant we were prepared to adapt to new public health orders, both in our offices and our properties. This next year brings with it new opportunities and new challenges, and we’ll continue to hold the same course, looking for ways to grow, improve and innovate and, as always, keeping our focus on the well-being of our residents, employees, and capital partners.

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