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 CALGARY, AB – In just six months, Avenue Living Asset Management has raised $110 Million. This milestone was achieved primarily with the support of anchor investor Westcourt Capital, coupled with investments from additional partners across various capital channels.

This strong investor momentum shows no signs of slowing down. The significant investment traction Avenue Living has gained is a testament to investor appetites for alternative real estate investments.

Initially, the equity raise for Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust was targeted at $75 Million by year’s end. However, due to robust investor interest and traction, the Core Trust rapidly became over-subscribed.

“This accelerated capital injection has allowed us to execute on our business plan ahead of schedule,” said Anthony Giuffre, CEO of Avenue Living Asset Management. “We are already deploying the new capital effectively and efficiently for our investors.”

Avenue Living’s strategy focuses on de-levering and investing in the business platform. As such, the company has deployed the $110 Million accretively across the Avenue Living Asset Management platform, better positioning its infrastructure for future growth. Equity will also be deployed for strategic acquisitions in existing and new markets, including Calgary, AB.

Avenue Living is one of the largest private real estate owner/operators in Western Canada, with $1.05 Billion assets under management. The portfolio includes 7,350 multi-residential units, 440,000 square feet of commercial space and 20,000 acres of agricultural real estate.

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