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Our Investment Philosophy & Approach

We’re keenly aware that our operations have an impact on the communities in which we operate — after all, our investments create homes, which is why we believe in making that impact a positive one.

In It Together

Our management carefully aligns our interests with those of our investors. We treat their investment as if it were our own. At our core, we invest in the everyday. This leads us to find opportunities others might overlook. It’s an approach that finds long-term value in the places that make up the fabric of our communities and benefits not just our business and investors, but the communities in which we operate.

We Focus on Value

Our investment strategies aim to create long-term value for our investors and the communities in which we operate. We look past the flashy downtown high rises and focus on the assets that aren’t quite reaching their full potential. In short, we look for opportunity. Through our capital improvement program, we generate value from assets acquired below replacement cost and reposition them on the market as a quality affordable option to residents & tenants. We value an asset’s cash flow and long-term prospects.

We’re Disciplined

We take a disciplined, analytical approach to our investments. We’re disciplined in every decision we make, weighing everything we do against our core values and keeping in mind the way they impact our business, residents, and investors. All negotiations, due diligence activities, capital sourcing, and operations are approached with rigor and methodology.

We’re Informed Experts

Our management team understands what it takes to make a sound investment: a mixture of good instincts and meticulous analysis. We have extensive market knowledge and networks, and we use our expertise and innovative minds to maximize our investment through optimized capital structures and custom financing solutions. We build on our proven track record and leverage our platform in every aspect of our operations.

We Embrace Diversification

We know that risk mitigation requires diversity of markets, asset classes, risk profiles, and capital sources. As we grow our platform, we constantly monitor our portfolio diversification while maintaining ample liquidity.

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